China Welfare Lottery

The China Welfare Lottery is one of the lotteries run in China, run by the China Welfare Lottery Issuance Centre it has been selling tickets since June 1987. So named the China Welfare Lottery due to it’s huge role in providing valuable welfare funds to Chinese residents.

The China welfare lottery has provided valuable funds, up into the billions for social welfare including disaster relief and welfare works. The lottery, operated by Openlot is one of two China state lotteries, the other being the Mark six Chinese lottery.

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How to play the China Welfare Lottery

To play the China Welfare Lottery you need to choose six red balls between one and thirty-three, plus one blue ball from one to sixteen. The lottery offers an option where you can choose your own numbers and – like many lotteries around the world – also offers a Quick Pick option.

The China Welfare Lottery also offers combo options, where you can combine red and blue balls on the play slip to win different division prizes. It’s this option that makes the China Welfare Lottery one of the most complicated lottery draws in the world.

Prize Structure for China Welfare Lottery:

  • 1st Prize – Match 6 and one to win 70% of the first prize pool
  • 2nd Prize – Match 6 red balls to win 30% of the current prize pool
  • 3rd Prize – Match 5 and one to win 3,000 RMB
  • 4th Prize – Match 5 or 4 plus one to win 200 RMB
  • 5th Prize – Match 4 or three plus one to win 10 RMB
  • 6th Prize – Match 2 plus one, one plus one or just the blue ball to win 5 RMB

Jackpot Prizes on the China Welfare Lottery

Jackpot prizes have reached phenomenal proportions in the past but the lottery has also not been free of controversy. Despite that though, the lottery has now reached 95% of the vast country that is China and employs almost 75,000 people. Add that to the millions paid to welfare by the lottery and it’s easy to see why the China Welfare Lottery is held so closely to the nation’s hearts.