3D Lottery

3D Lottery is played every day and gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes for correctly guessing the order of the winning numbers drawn. Out of the total funds raised for the draw, 53 percent is allocated for the prize pool, while 13 percent is diverted to cover the costs of running the game. Approximately 34 percent is then transferred to good causes.

The game is similar to Order of 3, which is offered by the China Sports Lottery.

How to Play 3D Lottery

Players pay RMB2 for a ticket and choose a three-digit number from 000 to 999. In the basic game, players win the top prize of RMB1,040 by matching the winning combination in exact order. If they match two of the numbers drawn, but not in order, they win a fixed prize of RMB346.

Players can also win a “combination 6 bet”, where they win a fixed prize of RMB173 if none of the three numbers drawn are the same, but their chosen numbers match the draw numbers regardless of order. The lowest main prize is for a “1D” bet, where a player matches one of the draw numbers in order and receives a fixed sum of RMB10.

3D Lottery Side Bets

There are a number of side bets offered with 3D Lottery. Players can make addition bets, where they can receive a prize if they can correct guess the total value of the three numbers drawn. The top prize for an addition bet, in which a player accurately guesses that the value of the three numbers will be either 0 or 27 (meaning that either 000 or 999 is drawn), is worth RMB1,040. There are 14 prize tiers in total, with the lowest prize offered worth RMB14 for correctly guessing that the value of the three numbers is 13 or 14.

Similar to the casino game Sic Bo, 3D Lottery players can bet on the total value of all three numbers being “big” (i.e. from 19 to 27) or “small” (from 0 to 8). Guessing correctly wins the player a fixed prize of RMB6. You can also place a bet on whether or not all three numbers drawn will be exactly the same, such as 555 or 333. This bet offers a fixed prize of RMB104.

Ascending and descending bets are also popular and offer a fixed prize of RMB65 for correctly guessing that the three numbers will follow each other in exact order, with the exception of the combinations 890, 098, 901 and 109. For example, if you bet that the numbers would descend, and the winning combination was 654, you would win a prize.

Odd/even bets can also be made on 3D Lottery - for example, if you bet that all three numbers drawn will be even, and the winning line is 642, you will win a fixed prize of RMB8.

You can buy tickets for this game from authorised vendors throughout mainland China.