Euromillions Lottery

EuroMillions became Europe’s first transnational lottery when it was launched in 2004, giving ticket holders the opportunity to play for huge jackpots across borders and even currencies. There are currently nine participating countries contributing to the prize pot, and jackpots start at a minimum of €17 million (approximately RMB127.4 million). With rollovers, the top prize can increase up to a maximum of €190 million (approximately RMB1.4billion). Draws are held in Paris on Tuesday and Friday nights, and players from China can now take part in this popular game.

Latest EuroMillions Winning Numbers

Friday 27th March 2020
11 14 27 41 46 2 3
  • €29,000,000
  • ¥228.7 Million!
  • Tuesday 31st March

How to Play EuroMillions from China

EuroMillions players must select five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from a separate pool of 1 to 12. The Lucky Stars are drawn from a separate set of balls, so it is possible to pick the same number as both a main ball and as a Lucky Star. Players who are not sure which numbers to select can also use a ‘Lucky Dip’ option to generate a line of numbers at random.

There are 13 prize tiers in total and participants can win prizes by matching two main numbers or more. The jackpot will be shared between anyone who matches all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars, or it will roll over to the next draw if is not won. Occasional Superdraws are also held which raise the jackpot to €130 million (RMB973 million), regardless of whether or not the previous draw had a top prize winner.

UK players are also entered automatically into a supplementary game called Millionaire Maker, which guarantees that at least two ticket holders will win £1 million (RMB8.8 million) in every EuroMillions draw. Every participant will have a unique code on their ticket consisting of four letters and five numbers. Two winning codes are drawn at random and the players who have matching tickets will become millionaires. Mega Week is an extra promotion which creates even more winners of the Millionaire Maker on both a Tuesday and a Friday in the final week of the month, whilst also giving away non-cash prizes, such as holidays, to the lucky players who match the codes. A Europe-wide raffle called European Millionaire Maker, held a couple of times a year across all the participating countries, guarantees that multiple players will become millionaires on the night. EuroMillions players don’t have to live in or visit one of the nine participating countries to be able to take part. It is possible to play from many different parts of the world, including China.

The odds of winning each prize tier are shown in the table below:

Prize Lowest Value
Lowest Value
Highest Value
Highest Value
(RMB) *
Odds of Winning

Match 5
+ 2 Stars

17 million

127.4 million

190 million

1.4 billion

1 in 139,838,160

Match 5
+ 1 Star



4.5 million

30.5 million

1 in 6,991,908

Match 5




4.5 million

1 in 3,236,995

Match 4
+ 2 Stars





1 in 621,503

Match 4
+ 1 Star





1 in 31,076

Match 3
+ 2 Stars





1 in 14,126

Match 4





1 in 13,812

Match 2
+ 2 Stars





1 in 986

Match 3
+ 1 Star





1 in 707

Match 3





1 in 314

Match 1
+ 2 Stars





1 in 188

Match 2
+ 1 Star





1 in 50

Match 2





1 in 22

EuroMillions Lottery FAQs

  1. Can I play EuroMillions from China?
  2. How do I play EuroMillions?
  3. What is Millionaire Maker?
  4. How do I claim my winnings and do I need to pay a fee?
  1. Is there any tax on EuroMillions prizes?
  2. How long do I have to collect my winnings?
  3. WWhere are the official EuroMillions results?

Can I play EuroMillions from China?

Chinese lottery laws only apply to games which operate in China and are sold by official Chinese lotteries. International lotteries such as EuroMillions have their own rules and can be played by Chinese citizens using a lottery concierge service.


How do I play EuroMillions?

Players are required to select five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two Lucky Stars between 1 and 12. Playing from China, you will have to open an online account and then, if you wish to enter the Millionaire Maker game for an extra chance to win a prize, just make sure to select the option to play the UK EuroMillions game.


What is Millionaire Maker?

The Millionaire Maker game is only available to UK EuroMillions players. A code is generated with each ticket, displaying four letters and five numbers. Two winning codes are selected at random on the night, and the two players with matching tickets will win £1 million each. As well as the guaranteed two winners in every draw, there are some cases, such as the monthly Mega Week, when there are even more awards of £1 million given away. If you are playing from China, playing UK EuroMillions with Millionaire Maker will cost slightly more than playing the standard EuroMillions game.


How do I claim my winnings? Do I need to pay a fee?

Smaller prizes will be paid automatically into your online lottery messenger service account. If you are lucky enough to land a bigger reward such as the jackpot, you will have to collect your winnings in person. A representative of the lottery concierge service team will arrange for you to travel so that you can receive your winning ticket, and legal staff will be on hand to help you collect the prize from lottery officials. There is no fee required to collect your winnings and you will receive the full value of any prize (subject to any applicable taxes).


Is there any tax on EuroMillions prizes?

While UK EuroMillions prizes are awarded as tax-free lump sums, the player’s personal circumstances and their location can affect whether or not they may be liable for taxes of some kind in their home jurisdiction. It is recommended that Chinese citizens contact an expert in international tax in the event of a big EuroMillions win.


How long do I have to collect my winnings?

EuroMillions players have between 60 days and three years to claim prizes, depending on the country in which their ticket was purchased. When you play through a lottery messenger service, you will receive smaller winnings automatically so there is no chance of you missing out on your prize. If you have played the UK EuroMillions game and win a bigger prize, or even the jackpot, the lottery messenger service will directly contact you after your ticket has been checked against the official results so that they can help you start the process of claiming the money.


Where are the official EuroMillions results?

EuroMillions is run in nine different countries, most of which run their own websites. You will find the official results on