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How do you play Lotto China?
What is the minimum age to play?
Can you play anywhere in the world?
When are the draws?
What is the cut-off time for playing?
Can you subscribe to future draws?
What is the cost of entry?
Which payment methods are accepted?
Is the game only available online?
What if you forget your password?
How are the winning numbers selected?
How do you win prizes?
What do you win for matching three or more numbers?
What is the Fú Ball?
What are the odds of winning?
What happens to the top prize if there is more than one winner?
Does the jackpot roll over?
What are Lucky Draws?
How do you find out if you are a winner?
How are prizes paid out?
How does the Free Bet Bonus work?
Can winners stay anonymous?
You've been told you are a lottery winner. Is it a scam?