Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws are special events which offer even larger jackpots than standard draws without costing any more to play. They are not scheduled to be held on specific dates but are usually announced a few weeks in advance.

Lucky Draws work the same way as normal draws apart from the enhanced jackpot. You still have to pick six main numbers from 1 to 50 and a Fú Ball from 1 to 5. The cost per entry remains €0.50 (¥3.85).

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* Equivalent to €500,000

Lucky Draw Prizes

In a regular Lotto China draw, the jackpot is worth €500,000 (¥3.85 Million). In a Lucky Draw, this is increased to a substantially higher figure, such as €5,000,000 (¥38.49 Million). You must match all six main numbers and the Fú Ball to win; the prize will be shared if there are multiple winners in the same draw.

The other prizes remain the same as in a standard draw, so you can still win a Free Bet Bonus just for matching the Fú Ball, as well as €0.50 (¥3.85) for matching just two main numbers.

The jackpot does not roll over if it is not won in a Lucky Draw. It reverts to its fixed €500,000 (¥3.85 Million) value for the following draw, so it is worth taking part when the higher amount is available!