A lottery scam is when someone contacts you and fraudulently claims to represent a lottery or an agent of one. Such scams have become increasingly common and sometimes they are difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. Find out how to avoid scams, what to look out for, and what to do if you are the target of one.

Most importantly: It is impossible to win a Lotto China prize if you have not entered a draw. Anyone who says you have won when you have not played is trying to scam you.

If you have played Lotto China and think you may have won a prize, you can use the Ticket Checker to verify your winnings.

Avoiding Scams

Lottery scams work because people are very receptive to the idea of winning huge sums of money. Fraudsters, however, are only interested in taking your money so it is important to stay vigilant if you are contacted by anyone notifying you that you have won a prize in the lottery. Keep these rules in mind to avoid being scammed.

How to Spot Scams

Some lottery scams can look convincing. However, they are easy to spot if you ask yourself the following questions:

Types of Scam

There are various different types of lottery scam. The most common methods are email, phone, social media and post. Find out more about each type:


If you receive an email scam, the fraudster might claim to be a representative of Lotto China and provide information which looks legitimate - such as a reference number or official-sounding job title.

You may then be asked to provide personal or financial information, pay an upfront fee, or follow a link to a website. These links may be to malicious websites which are designed to gather your information – this is known as a ‘phishing’ email. Do not click on any link within an email unless you are certain it was sent from a trusted source.

Here are some other signs that an email might be fraudulent:

Mobile Phone

If you receive a text or phone call saying you have won a prize because your phone number has been selected at random, this is a scam. Lotto China does not offer competitions of this kind and will only contact you by telephone if you have won the jackpot. Here are a few signs that a phone call or text is a scam:

Lotto China will never ask for personal information via text messages. You will be contacted by telephone if you win the jackpot, but if you do receive a phone call and remain unsure, you can put the phone down and get in touch using the details on the contact us page. You need to have played Lotto China and matched all the numbers to win the jackpot.

Social Media

Social media scams have become very common but you should remember that Lotto China will never use a social media platform to notify you of a win or ask you for personal details. If you are notified of a lottery win via any form of social media by someone claiming to represent Lotto China, it is a scam. The fraudster may have set up a false social media account using Lotto China branding. You should never respond to a suspicious message on social media. Look out for the following warning signs of a scam:


If you receive a letter in the post saying that you have won a Lotto China prize, it is a scam. Lotto China never notifies winners by post. Here are a few more signs that a letter is a lottery scam:

Lottery scams are continuing to become more sophisticated and new scams emerge all the time. However, if you remain vigilant and remember that it is not possible to win a Lotto China prize without playing the game, you should be able to avoid the scammers.

What to Do If You’re Targeted by Scammers

Whether you have been contacted by email, telephone, social media or post, you should take the following steps if you suspect that you have been targeted by a lottery scammer.

If you wish to verify a message you have received or alert us to a possible scam, you can contact us. You can also go to the How To Claim page for more information about receiving your winnings.