China Sports Lottery

The China Sports Lottery is one of two authorised lotteries operated by the Chinese government, the other being the Welfare Lottery. The Sports Lottery Organisation offers traditional draw games like Super Lotto and Order of 5 as well as opportunities to win big money in the Football Lottery by predicting the results of major international football games from the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and other major competitions.

A portion of the funds raised from ticket sales for the games is used to construct sporting facilities, provide sporting equipment to communities, fund youth sports, promote mass sporting participation and finance elite athletes and sporting teams in the country. In addition, China Sports Lottery revenue is also distributed to education, healthcare, the Red Cross and other social causes.

Football Lottery

Players can win up to RMB5 million by correctly guessing the outcomes of major football games. More details can be found here.

Super Lotto

Players must match five main numbers from 35 and two supplementary numbers from 12 to win the multimillion-yuan Super Lotto jackpot.

Lucky 7

There are three opportunities a week to play Lucky 7 where you could win up to RMB5 million for matching a seven-digit code in the correct order.

Order of 5

You can win RMB100,000 by guessing the correct order of a five-digit code in Order of 5.

Order of 3

As with the five-figure version, Order of 3 offers prizes for matching all three numbers in the correct order.