Football Lottery

The Football Lottery is a key feature of the China Sports Lottery and offers a selection of games in which players test their football knowledge to predict events within major games from around the world. There are millions of yuan on offer in the various prize pools, with players able to claim up to RMB5 million for correctly guessing each outcome. There are four games in the lottery, each tasking the player with guessing what will happen within various games from the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the J League in Japan and many other elite competitions.

In Winning Colours, players have to decide the outcome of 14 fixtures, choosing whether they will result in a home win, displayed by marking the playslip with a ‘3’, a draw, represented by a ‘1’, or an away win - marked as ‘0’. Every player who correctly matches all fourteen scores wins a share of the jackpot, which is equivalent to 70 percent of the prize pool. If just one player guesses all of the outcomes, their prize is capped at RMB5 million. The second-place prize is awarded to those who match thirteen of the results correctly, with each winning player sharing equally the remaining 30 percent of the total pot.

Optional Nine works like Winning Colours, but players choose to predict just nine of the fourteen games on the list. The chances of correctly guessing all of the selections is better, but the prize is smaller as it is likely to be shared with more ticket holders. There is no second prize offered in Optional Nine.

Half the Audience requires players to predict both the half time and full time result for six different matches, marking ‘3’ if they think it will be a home win, ‘1’ for a draw and ‘0’ for an away win in both markets for each game. There is one prize, which is shared between all the players who correctly guessed the outcomes at half time and full time in every game. The maximum that can be won on a single ticket is RMB5 million.

In Jin Qiucai to the player must predict the number of goals scored by the eight teams involved in four different fixtures. Players can guess 0, 1, 2 or 3+, with the latter deemed a winning selection if the team in question scores three or more goals. Ticket holders who correctly predict the tally from all eight teams share the prize, which is also limited to RMB5 million for a single ticket

How to Play Football Lottery Games

Players aged 18 or over can buy tickets for the games of the Football Lottery at dedicated lottery retailers across China, while those living in Jiangsu province can also buy entries through a mobile app.

Prizes of less than RMB3,000 can be claimed at lottery outlets. For second prize awards of more than RMB3,000, players must visit a designated lottery centre in their local city and jackpot prizes are picked up at the province’s official lottery centre. Larger prizes are paid by cheque or bank transfer once validated.

Prizes of less than RMB10,000 are awarded tax-free, while there is a 20 percent tax liability on prizes worth more than this amount. You have 60 days from the date of the actual games in order to claim your Football Lottery prizes.