Order of 3

Order of 3 is played every night as part of the China Sports Lottery and requires players to match the three-digit code drawn in the exact order to win the RMB1,040 top prize. However, there are smaller prizes available for players who buy a group bet, which offers a better chance of winning.

How to Play Order of 3

A basic Order of 3 bet involves a player paying RMB2 and choosing a three-digit code between 000 and 999, which must match the one drawn exactly to win the top prize. Players can select the numbers or choose to have the lottery terminal produce a random line for them.

A Group 6 bet also costs RMB2 and requires you to pick three numbers, with any combination of those three numbers appearing in the code drawn winning you a prize.

A Group 3 bet allows the player to pick two numbers with the hope that one of their selected digits turns up twice in the winning code, with the other digit able to appear anywhere in the winning line. This method counts as two entries and costs RMB4, and is deemed a winner if either of the numbers chosen appears twice.

For example, if you choose 5 and 6, you would win if the code drawn was 556, 565 or 655, as well as if it was 665, 656 or 566.

Order of 3 is drawn every night at 8.30pm and the winning code is taken from the first three digits of the combination drawn for Order of 5. The draws are televised and also are available to view online.

Order of 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Here are the prizes on offer in Order of 3, as well as the odds of winning within each prize tier.

Bet Prize Odds of Winning

Basic Bet


1 in 1000

Group 3 Bet


1 in 166.7*

Group 6 Bet


1 in 166.7

*Based on a RMB4 double bet. Each leg of the bet has a 1 in 333.3 chance of winning.

Prizes can be claimed from authorised China Sports Lottery retailers or lottery centres within 60 days of the draw taking place.