China Welfare Lottery

Launched in 1987, the China Welfare Lottery is one of two legal lotteries in mainland China, the other being the China Sports Lottery. Since the organisation began offering tickets for games, the China Welfare Lottery has created big prize winners and raised more than RMB310 billion for good causes, such as supporting the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable, throughout the entire country. Every time a ticket is sold for games like 3D Lottery or Double Colour Ball, players fund their own dreams of winning huge prizes while aiding those in need.

Here are some of the biggest games offered by the China Welfare Lottery:

Double Colour Ball

Double Colour Ball is played three times a week and offers players the opportunity to win tens of millions of yuan. Read more about how it works here.

3D Lottery

The 3D Lottery is played every day and offers the chance to pick up cash prizes for matching the winning numbers in the correct order. Find out more here.

Lucky 7

Match the seven numbers drawn in Lucky 7 and you could win up to RMB5 million! Learn more about how to play this fun game.